Falcona understands the needs of our customers and connects directly with other small/large businesses and universities bringing “innovation through collaboration” to our customers. Our team applies state-of-the-art engineering tools and best business practices to provide our customers with both creative and innovative solutions.

  • Fatigue Damage Assessments / Reliability Analysis
  • Prototyping / Re-engineering / Technical Data Package
  • Organizational Business Assessments
  • Acquisition Planning & Management
  • Production Scheduling / Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain Management / ERP / MRP
  • Methods / Standards / Ergonomics
  • Process Audits / Design Reviews / Configuration Audits
  • Defect Tracking / Pedigree Review / Vendor Audits
  • Facility Design / Layout / Manufacturing Systems
  • Technology Insertion / Deployment / Surge Mobilization
  • Value Engineering / Economic Analysis
  • Make vs. Buy Analysis / BCA / ROI

Core Competencies:

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Many of today’s weapons systems are older than the Warfighters using them and Falcona finds ways to keep them in in use by extending the weapons system’s life while protecting the safety of the soldiers.