Message from the Owners

Falcona Management & Technology, LLC (Falcona) is proud of our long-term reputation for contract performance and our total commitment to ethical conduct in all we do. Performing with integrity is every employee’s responsibility at Falcona. Culture is a vital and unique part of Falcona and what makes people decide to join our team.  It is the biggest reason employees choose to stay with us. This is the key to gaining and maintaining our competitive edge – one that makes work a place people want to be.

Our founding principles are as follows:

  • To operate with high integrity, ethical, and moral values
  • To deliver excellent quality products and services that exceed customer expectations
  • To treat all people with honesty and respect
  • To maintain a work environment where team members contributions are valued and rewarded
  • To encourage and support professional development and accountability

Respect for People and Nondiscrimination

We are committed to providing a work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment of any type. Employees at all levels of the organization must act with respect and civility toward coworkers, customers and others.  We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

Legal Compliance

Falcona is committed to obeying all laws and regulations applicable to its business.

Subcontractors, Vendors, Suppliers, and Consultants

Falcona holds firmly to our core values of integrity, respect, safety, trust, responsibility and citizenship. As a Government contractor, we are diligent in maintaining a total commitment to procurement integrity. Our subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers are Valued Business Partners and we will work only with those that share our commitment to ethical practices.

Environmental and Safety

Falcona complies with all applicable environmental laws. Falcona conducts its business in an environmentally responsible manner that minimizes any environmental impact.

Commitment to Quality

Falcona strives to do the job right, on time and always to the contractual expectations of the customer. While striving to get it right, we must also report any discrepancy, deviation, mistake or failure, with regard for the highest ethical standards and personal integrity.  We never falsify documents or conceal operational or component problems. We always receive proper approvals before deviating from any requirement. We never substitute equivalent materials, never utilize lower quality or unapproved materials, and always conduct all tests and inspections as required.  We are committed to never disappoint a customer, ever.


Falcona complies with the applicable laws in all countries in which we travel, operate and otherwise do business, including laws prohibiting bribery, corruption or the conduct of business with specified individuals, companies or countries. The fact that in some countries certain laws are not enforced or that violation of those laws is not subject to public criticism will not be accepted as an excuse for noncompliance. In addition, we expect our employees to comply with U.S. laws, rules and regulations governing the conduct of business by its citizens and corporations outside the U.S.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s personal interest may interfere in any way with the performance of his or her duties or the best interests of the Company. Falcona employees are to be free from influences that conflict with the best interests of the Company or might deprive the Company of their undivided loyalty in business dealings. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest where none actually exists can be damaging and should be avoided.