Impact / Past Performance

Falcona is pleased to demonstrate examples of completed projects that have made a high impact to our customers. Our accomplishments are organized by our core competencies (more examples can be provided upon request).  Do not hesitate to contact us to explore how our company can support you.

Engineering Services

  • Conducted and documented logistics analysis/assessment on sustainment for the USAF Forward Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (FPED) Program Office operations worldwide.
  • Developed and tested prototype M98 Filter to add TIC chemical vapor protection for the U.S. Army Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection (JCECP) program.
  • Evaluated coatings for the interior of MHU-196/204 trailer beams and designed recommended best methods and tooling at USAF depot application.

  • Conducted and documented damage and fatigue assessment of TagniteTM repair on U.S. Military rotorcraft.
  • Designed Photochemical process for removing Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) paint on B52 Blower Fans without damage to the substrate.
  • Conducted and documented new design of USCG C-130 landing gear door, which absorbed damaging vibrations encountered during flight to eliminate cracking.

Big Data / Process Improvement

  • Documented $30M+ in cost avoidance at US Army depot utilizing Lean Six-Sigma Tools and Methodology throughout the factory.
  • Saved $950k/year on T700 engine production applying Design of Experiments (DoE) and advanced statistical methods to improve engine performance – horsepower, temperature, and fuel flow.
  • Saved $300k/year by performing warehouse space analysis with recommendations, which were implemented optimizing product location.

  • Integrated and implemented improvement requirements aligned with Lackland Air Force Base modernization plans.
  • Saved 1,500 man-hours/year by designing a mounting system for improved control and sustainment of classified Cryptologic equipment.

Program / Project Management

  • Conducted and documented broad base analyses and assessment of the US Army’s Arsenal System’s ability to meet its lifecycle sustainment requirements – fragility & criticality of technology and skill sets.
  • Developed, demonstrated, and tested prototype pneumatic system on the MHU-196/204 trailer leading to level 3 Technical Data Package (TDP) with all provisioning and technical data.
  • Designed the foundation for Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA). Developed Operating Instruction, established planning and management procedures to ensure efficient use of Real Property to all JBSA customers including mission partners.

  • Provided Program Management Office Support Personnel at Defense Health Agency
  • Provided support to the JBSA and the Civil Engineering (CE) transformation teams.
  • Led several organizations to achieve ISO9001 and/or QS9000 certification.
  • Managed the JBSA’s Quality Air Program to include the renewal of the Title V permitting.
  • Managed the approval of Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPPs) for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in IAW SB361.

Database / Information Technology

  • Performed an assessment of the USAF Nuclear Enterprise on material tracking requirements, demonstrated technologies, and information system capabilities that would enable positive management and control of all nuclear weapons related materials throughout the enterprise.
  • Developed the Facility Assessment Database, which provides a consolidated review portal to evaluate buildings based on their condition, energy use, space utilization and maintenance cost.

  • Developed the Space Assessment Tool, which calculates space requirements per unit based on MIL Standard.
  • Provided several databases and management tools to the TCEQ, resulting in improved tracking of fund allocation, call logging after natural disasters (i.e. hurricane and manmade disasters) and water conservation efforts.
  • Developed a forecast and analysis (what-if) tool for the U.S. Army Aviation Recapitalization Program.

Environmental / Energy

  • Performed a solid waste stream analysis for JBSA, and provided recommendations to divert waste from landfills to reduce methane emissions.
  • Developed several playbooks for the JBSA Civil Engineering Energy and Environmental divisions to include: (1) Space Assessment tool, (2) Utility Sales Computation for all commodities (Electric, Natural Gas, Water and Sewer), and (3) Conducting Verification of Assets.

  • Developed comprehensive Facility Condition Checklist consolidating requirements from: Operations, Asset Management and Fire Emergency Services.
  • Managed the JBSA Title V renewal process.

Training / Certifications

  • Certified over 100 contractors in Lean Six-Sigma Yellow and Green Belts.
  • Provided over 10 customized Lean Six Sigma training sessions.
  • Conducted PMP boot camps leading to over 45 contractors receiving PMP certification.

  • Provided Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) boot camps leading to over 15 contractors receiving ASEP/CSEP certification.
  • Provided Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) boot camps leading to over 15 contractors receiving CRE certification.